Website Development: Neo Anime Club

MatthewView All, Web Development & Programming

The Neo Anime Club Website

While taking a course in Management Information Systems at Cal Poly Pomona, I was required to collaborate with a team to build a website using the Scrum for a real client. As it so happened, one of my group members was the treasurer of the CPP Neo Anime Club, which is a club devoted to bringing people together through their love of Anime. The club had a website, but it was old and unresponsive, so we chose to undertake the task of completely rebuilding it from scratch. While our professor advised we use Wix or Weebly to make it easier for ourselves, we chose to use a more challenging combination of Wordpress and custom HTML/CSS, along with the Bootstrap framework.

Take a look at some snapshots of the website

Above you will see snapshots which include both a header and footer, as seen on every page, as well as multiple plugins for google calendar, Diskord, and google forms. There are image sliders on the homepage and different club photos at the top of each page. I personally built the contact page, and while I am no longer involved in the management of the website, the contact page remains largely unchanged, along with the rest of the website. It is simple, yet effective, and highly responsive to all devices. This experience allowed me to channel more focus into the very website you're reading this on.

Click below to visit the Neo Anime Club's website