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With extensive hands-on experience in multiple facets of Information Technology, my skills, work ethic, and desire to learn is reflected in the projects i have completed. It is in Systems Design and Analysis, however, that my analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills really shine through. This project highlights my ability to put the skills i learned in the textbook and use it in real world applications. Below are the diagrams and milestones i completed for an information systems project where my team and I had to build a check-in/checkout system for a library, all from scratch. After submitting all our milestones to the client, she approved the final layout of the system, clearing it for the development phase.

  • Milestone 1: Systems Request
    In the first milestone of our system development project, our team was given the requirements for an information system designed to handle check-in/check-outs of books and other items in a library. Our team formulated a systems request detailing the business needs, requirements, and value of the new system.
  • Milestone 2: Functional Requirements
    In our second milestone, our team took the systems request and built a document detailing both the functional and non-functional requirements of the system. These requirements establish the real functions that the system needs to perform, as well as qualitative characteristics such as ease-of-use.
  • Milestone 3: Use-Case & Activity Diagram
    In our third milestone, our team began to make use-case diagrams in conjunction with activity diagrams to paint a picture of who was going to use the system, in what scenarios, what functions they will perform, and how they will perform those functions. We made an activity diagram for the Check-Out of an item in this example.
  • Milestone 4: CRC and Class Diagrams
    In our fourth milestone we created Class-Responsibility-Collaboration (CRC) cards to lay out how an object-oriented system would be designed, and what the responsibility that each class would have in the system, as well as its attributes. We then created a class diagram to illustrate the system's classes and attributes.
  • Milestone 5: Sequence Diagrams & Operation Contracts
    In our fifth milestone, our team created operation contracts, which shows the methods of each object-oriented class and the arguments, conditions, and return values they have. We also created sequence diagrams to illustrate how and when the classes and methods are applied to each use case.
  • Milestone 6: Database Design
    In our sixth and final milestone, our team took all the requirements an designed the Entity-Relationship model that would be used in the database for this system. Our team evaluated what entities were required for the system, their attributes, and how each entity related and dependent on each other.

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