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Java Programming

As part of my well-rounded education at Cal Poly Pomona, I gained valuable first-hand experience programming with Java, one of the most widely used programming languages in use today. The culmination of my experience was the final project in my Java programming class, where we needed to create a GUI based java program that could manage a database of courses, each with students enrolled in those courses. Using only a text file, it had to parse the information from the file into the program, and organize single courses with multiple students into the GUI elements. From there it had to be able to add and delete both courses and the students enrolled in them.

Here are some screenshots of the finished program in action

  • Before Adding a New Course
    The database is already pre-populated with some courses, but I can click on the new course button in the GUI to create a new course, after typing in the name into the entry to add field (the field cannot be empty). I decided to create the new course "CIS 421" as an example.
  • After Creating a New Course
    After hitting the add course button, the new course CIS 421 was added into the database. We can add new students by typing their name into the entry to add field and hitting the add student button. The program validates no special symbols are accepted for an entry.
  • New Students
    After clicking the add student button, the student is entered into the currently highlighted course. you can see that my name then appeared in the list of students enrolled in CIS 421. Since it wouldn't be much fun to have class alone, i added some other students into the course as well.
  • After student deletion
    Once the delete student button is pressed and the user responds yes to the validation, the student will be removed from the course. The validation prompt will appear for both deleting students and deleting courses with multiple students.
  • Deleting a Student
    Let's say that you wanted to delete a student from a course. In that case, you would select their name from the list and hit the delete student button. A validation prompt then appears asking the user if they are sure they want to delete the student
  • Deleting a Course
    If you wanted to completely delete a course, along with all students associated with that course, you can use the delete course button. Once again, a validation will appear asking if you're sure you want to delete the course, and then the course will be removed

Click below to download the Netbeans IDE project files in a compressed .ZIP file.

Download project files