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ASP.Net, Razor, and AJAX

Building on the previous classes where i designed webpages using CSS and HTML, my Interactive and Responsive Web Design class took me to the next step in designing modern, responsive, and fast websites. Using a combination of Razor syntax, AJAX,, JQuery, Javascript, and the MVC framework. Our team was to take a bland, unresponsive shell of a website devoted to hiking trail reviews and make it responsive and modern.

Here are a couple of the assignments we were tasked with.

  • Models
    In this assignment we created some of the models used in our MVC framework, in this case for a rider review. For every trail review written, it is to show up in a blog feed on the side of the website with trail name, the review comments, the date, and the user's ID.
  • Partial Views
    In this assignment we created the different links for Register, Log In, and Signed in with partial views. A user logged in will receive a custom hello message with their name in the header, while other users will be prompted to log in or register.
  • Razor Syntax
    In this assignment, we used Razor syntax to create the navigation links located in the header, dependent on what View is currently selected. It also validates whether the user is logged in to an account and adjust the navigation bars accordingly.
  • ViewBags and Controllers
    In this assignment, we built on what we did previously with the Razor syntax by making every navigation link active and highlighted based on the current page. This is checked sing Razor to determine which ViewBag is selected, and adjusts the navigation link highlight accordingly.

Click below to download our team's full presentation

Download the presentation